Oct 14 2020


4:00 pm

Baked Ham Dinner & Show Me The Money

Wednesday, October 14 Time 4:00PM Ballroom  – Ticket $10pp

Menu – Old Fashioned Baked Ham Dinner with Oven Roasted Butter Parsley Potatoes, Green Beans, Dessert and Beverage.  Meal by Jeff & Vicky – Purchase tickets by October 9.

Show Me the Money Card Game with Linda & Nancy & Lois following dinner.

If you never played this fun game before now is your chance. Each game is a quarter and depending on how many hands you want to play per game. We will be playing 10 games and if you want bring a roll of quarters or less. It is sort of like Bingo where you cover 5 cards although these are playing cards not Bingo cards.

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